Trauma may have a drastic impact on your life, or it can impact the relationships you have with others.

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First, let's discuss trauma more in-depth. What is trauma? When you experience a single or repeated traumatic event, you may have an immediate or delayed response with mental, emotional, and physical symptoms. Your symptoms may subside as time passes or you may have lasting psychological issues stemming from your trauma.


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


Post-traumatic stress disorder is one type of mental health condition that directly follows trauma. However, you may also develop other forms of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, or other mental health conditions. Complex Trauma typically is multiple traumatic events layered on top of one another, which can cause intense, disturbing thoughts, feelings, and memories long after the trauma ends. Those thoughts and emotions ultimately disrupt your ability to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

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When (single or repeated) events occur that make us feel extremely frightened, threatened, or distressed we may end up developing an emotional or psychological wound. Some people may be able to move beyond this experience with the help of friends, family, and an extensive support network. However, many people do not have these resources to do so, and end up feeling very alone. You don't have to! 


Our Austin trauma therapist can help. We can be a resource and provide other resource information that you may need. Our goal is to help you reach your goals!


How Can Trauma Affect You?


Trauma can lead to an increasing inability to cope, function in important various areas of daily living, or maintain regular routines. Often trauma victims feel that no one can understand what they went through and the suffering they experience which can cause them to withdraw from loved ones. Conversely, loved ones may realize that something is wrong with their loved one and want to help but feel confused, rejected, and unsure of what they can do to help. At Austin Trauma Therapy Center, our Austin trauma therapist are here to help guide you through the difficult time!



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