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Trauma Therapist in Austin

Trauma is a word that we hear frequently in our society. Although it is often used, what does it really mean and how does it affect people? Read on for more information about trauma and how a to find a trauma therapist in Austin can help you cope and heal.

What Is Trauma?

Trauma is different based on the person and situation. Trauma could be seeing a fellow soldier die during deployment. It could be getting verbally abused by a parent as a child. It could be getting bullied in high school. A traumatic event can happen once, or it can be multiple events that build upon each other. These experiences can lead to immediate mental, emotional, and physical symptoms, or sometimes the reaction is delayed. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is one type of condition that can occur post-trauma.

How Can It Affect Your Life?

Trauma can lead to many other mental, emotional, and physical issues. It can cause things like anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. Trauma can make one feel isolated, confused, angry, and sad. It can even affect one’s ability to do day-to-day tasks like going to work or grocery shopping.

How Can a Therapist in Austin Help?

Trauma is a difficult thing to get through alone. Even if you have a wonderful friend and family support system, sometimes it is necessary to get help from a professional. A therapist in Austin, such as the ones that work at Austin Trauma Therapy Center are here to help you heal. Remember, this is not a one appointment cure. It takes time to work through deep-seated emotions that may have been pushed away for years. Be positive about seeing a therapist and know that they can help you through this tough time.

Trauma Therapist in Austin

Get Help Today

If you have experienced trauma and are feeling the effects, it is time to see a therapist in Austin. At Austin Trauma Therapy Center, we offer a 15-minute free consultation so that you can make sure we are the right fit for your therapy. Even if you don’t feel like you have experienced trauma but you are feeling anxious or depressed, give us a call. Sometimes trauma can be hidden beneath the subconscious so that it is unrecognizable. A therapist will help you unpack hidden emotions to get to the root of how you are feeling. For more information about trauma and how a therapist can help, contact Austin Trauma Therapy Center today.

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