Mental Wellness during COVID Isolation

Mental Wellness During COVID Isolation

Maintaining Mental Wellness During Covid Isolation can be difficult. We are all experiencing a “collective trauma,” so it is important that we first recognize this. While we might be more adaptive to our environment now, there is still some grieving from loss of normalcy and routine that we may also be experiencing.

Now that we have created this awareness of some traumas that many of us have experienced as a group, we can now look at ways to protect our mental wellbeing as we continue to work from home and isolate from others. We’ve also contributed to this article on trauma triggers during pandemic. Read more here.

5. Support System During COVID

We’re social beings and we need people. Creating a support system even virtually can be useful. This support system must be supportive. Reaching out via video calls or video conferencing can be useful. However, phone calls can work just as well without the continues eye strain if you’re working from home on your computer during the day.

4. Boundaries During COVID

Setting up boundaries around work spaces and work can be useful. Just because we’re working from home doesn’t mean to work more. We set up boundaries to protect ourselves and our mental wellness, so consider this your opportunity to protect you.

3. Structure/Routine During COVID

– Work a regular schedule as you would if you were in an office. Wake up at the same time you normally would have, get dressed and go to your workspace. Ideally this would not be in your same sleep space, so not to taint your resting space. Take lunch and breaks at regular times and stick to the routine. We need routine in our lives because this helps minimize anxiety. The more control we can have in our day the better we’ll feel. 

2. Exercise During COVID

There is a brain body connection and physical health is just as important as mental health and vice versa. Going for a brisk 10 minute walk can help with eco-therapy and also provide some cardio in your day. Exercising also helps with sleep and mental wellness.

1. Mindfulness During COVID

Staying present in the moment can help with anxiety and stress and minimizing the sense of overwhelm we may be experiencing from all the sudden changes this year has brought us. Practicing 5 minutes a day of mindfulness can be extremely calming for us in staying in the present moment where anxiety cannot live. 

Mindfulness Tips

For more information on tips for managing anxiety during COVID-19 see our Wellness tips here.

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