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PTSD and Trauma

Are you searching for a PTSD and trauma therapist in Austin, but don’t know where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s discuss more about this, now.

What is PTSD and Trauma?

First, if you are searching for a PTSD and trauma therapist in Austin, it may seem overwhelming. Trauma and PTSD may be acquired in a myriad of different ways and is not confined to sudden, traumatic events such as natural disasters. The emotional wounds can develop over time in long-lasting events such as recurring abandonment (emotional and physical) and more subtle forms of abuse. 

When events occur that make us feel extremely unsafe, threatened, or distressed we can develop an emotional or psychological wound. Some people can move beyond this experience with the help of friends, family, and an extensive support network. However, people who do not have these resources often end up feeling very alone. This can lead to an increasing inability to cope, function daily, or maintain regular routines.

Often trauma survivors feel that no one can understand what they went through and the suffering they experience which can cause them to withdraw from loved ones. Conversely, loved ones may realize that something is wrong want to help but feel confused, rejected, and unsure of what they can do to help.

How trauma impacts people

There is no “normal” way to react to trauma – each person is different. Some people try to repress or forget the event by distracting themselves while others may focus on the traumatic event constantly. Irritability and anger with others due to the intrusive memories are also indications of trauma. Often individuals who have experienced trauma lose the ability to feel pleasure, leading to a lack of motivation to do much of anything by isolating and don’t fully realize the impact trauma is having on their lives. 

How to cope with PTSD or Trauma? 

How does one begin to cope with trauma or PTSD? Well, this is definitely a journey you don’t want to go through alone. Wanting to make some changes to address the trauma in your life is the first step, and we do a little happy dance each time we hear that someone is seeking out a therapist, to guide them through their journey.

Next, having a positive support system is the most important part of this process, because it can be triggering and scary, and you will need support. An Austin-based therapist is often a good form of support, however, they can also help you identify other positive support people. During this wellness journey with your Austin Therapist, you will identify coping/ calming strategies to use with each identified trigger, or concern. 

Find a PTSD and Trauma Therapist in Austin

Austin Trauma Therapy Center is designed to handle concerns our clients come to us with. Austin Trauma Therapy Center helps clients develop more effective ways of coping that last a lifetime and evolve long after leaving our trauma therapy center. At Austin Trauma Therapy Center, we want you to know that you don’t have to deal with trauma alone. 

We’re here to help you through this difficult time in your life. We see each client as an individual with unique needs and recognize your desire to belong to a community that understands you. To find a PTSD and Trauma Therapist in Austin, you can visit sites like Psychology Today, EMDRIA, or Good Therapy.

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