What is DBT?

Are you searching for an Austin DBT therapist? Great, our Austin, Texas DBT therapists are here to help you! First, let’s begin by discussing what Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is and how it can really help you.

DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) is a modified form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (also known as CBT), which uses traditional cognitive-behavioral techniques and also includes teaching tools and coping skills for emotion regulation and managing emotions safely. Interestingly, Theorist, Marsha Linnehan who developed DBT was also, herself, diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.

DBT Therapist Austin
DBT Therapist Austin, Texas

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Treatment Helps Adults Manage Emotions

Our Austin, Texas therapists will implement DBT therapy skills, like learning mindfulness, acceptance, and tolerating distress. The good news is that DBT has been found to be considerably more effective in treating people/clients with borderline personality disorder as well as other personality disorders. 

The main goals of DBT/Dialectical Behavior Therapy and counseling are to teach people/clients how to live in the moment, how to safely manage emotions (by learning healthy behavioral coping skills to deal with stress), and how to reduce self-harming behaviors.

DBT also helps people/clients to regulate/manage their emotions, and improve their relationships with others with therapist-facilitated coping tools/skills and behavioral techniques.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Can Help Adults & Adolescents

DBT behavioral therapy can also help adults and adolescents by incorporating weekly individual psychotherapy/counseling sessions that emphasize problem-solving behavior for the past week’s issues. We will also discuss (using the dialectical method) and explore the troubles that arose in your life.

Self-injurious and suicidal behaviors take first priority, followed by learning how to manage behaviors and emotions (using healthy strategies for coping) that may interfere with the therapeutic process to improve your quality of life.

We’ll work together to come up with a personalized DBT behavioral treatment/counseling plan that works for you and your needs. There is hope and there is help!

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Are you ready to speak with a professional Dialectical Behavior Therapy/DBT therapist in Austin, Texas today? Great, all of our therapists are DBT trained and are ready to speak with you to discuss how DBT can help you. Feel free to call us at 512-270-8215 or simply send us an email, directly.

Online Mental Health Counseling/Treatment Services

You don’t need to live in Austin, Texas, in order to get DBT counseling/treatment services from a licensed mental health clinician. We’re currently providing online sessions for adult and adolescent clients and are Licensed to treat clients in Colorado and Texas.

In-Person Mental Health Counseling/Treatment Services

We will conduct in-person mental health counseling services (DBT, RO-DBT, CBT, EMDR, IFS, etc) for our clients at our office (located off South Congress, in Austin, Texas) soon. Details TBA.

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