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Depression therapist Austin TX

What is Depression?

Looking for a depression therapist in Austin? We can help! Depression is a common and serious mood disorder that can affect the mind and body. Some of the many possible symptoms of depression include sadness, decreased energy, and a lack of interest in activities. 

Over 16 million Americans suffer from depression. However, with specialized therapy and support from mental health professionals, you can recover and get your life back.

In addition to the neurotransmitters in your brain, depression is also influenced by feelings of helplessness or loss. If you have a personal history of violence, neglect, and poverty, this is a risk factor. If another member of your family has depression, or another mental health condition, your risk of developing depression also increases.

How Do I Know if I Have Depression?

If you have depression, feelings of sadness, irritability, despair, self-doubt, or loss of any pleasure, you don’t have to live with these feelings. Having a distorted and negative sense of self can disrupt your life and negatively impact your health and wellness. Depression is a severe mental health illness stemming from irregularities in your brain chemistry. There is hope and there is help!

How Can a Depression Therapist Help?

I want to be the first to say that you are doing hard work. This work is hard. It is not easy. However, you’re on the right path to begin making some positive changes in your life. We’re so glad you found us!

We use a variety of innovative and classic therapeutic approaches and techniques in therapy to assist  you with living the best life you can. During your assessment, you and your therapist explore your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to confirm your depression diagnosis. We’ll then identify themes to explore during psychotherapy.

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