What are Symptoms of Depression

First, what is Depression? Depression is a disorder that affects both the mind and body. Over 16 million Americans suffer, which shows how prevalent this disorder is in our society. Additionally, it can be a tricky thing to diagnose. Often, the person suffering won’t even know that they are depressed. If you suspect you may be depressed or know a loved one who is suffering, call a therapist in south Austin or Austin Trauma Therapy Center. A therapist will help you work through the depression and give you tools and techniques to help you feel better. Read on for some symptoms of depression to look out for.

Feelings of Sadness and Despair

Everyone feels sad from time to time. If you are feeling sad frequently, it may be a symptom of depression. Sometimes you might even feel sad for no reason. Monitor your feelings in a mood journal to evaluate how frequent these feelings of sadness are.


Did you know that feelings of irritability can indicate depression? Just like sadness, everyone feels irritable occasionally. The issue arises when these feelings become more consistent or if you find yourself feeling irritable in situations that should not be making you irritable.


Depression often comes with feelings of self-doubt. It can take away your confidence and leave you with thoughts like “I’m bad at my job,” “I’m not good enough for my spouse,” or “I’m a bad mother.” If you notice that self-doubting thoughts are running through your head more often than not, it is time to consider seeing a therapist.

Loss of Pleasure

A key symptom of depression is a loss of pleasure. Activities that were once enjoyable may now seem dull or unexciting. If you find yourself lacking joy in situations that were once fun, depression may be the cause.

Distorted and Negative Views

Depression can bring on distorted and negative views. These views could be about the self, family members, friends, work, or relationships. Furthermore, negative thoughts can bring on more negative thoughts. This cycle is common in depression.

Depression is scary and can creep up on people without them realizing it. All of a sudden they feel overwhelmed with symptoms like sadness, irritability, self-doubt, loss of pleasure, and negative views. This should not be battled alone. A therapist is key to helping you through your depression. Austin Trauma Therapy Center is a place where you can find a trusted, experienced, therapist in south Austin. Contact us today for a 15-minute phone consultation where we can discuss your needs and start to come up with a therapy plan. 

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