Diana started Austin Trauma Therapy Center through her counseling work, when she began to realize so many people continue to be affected by traumatic experiences. Having gone through her own childhood trauma, she began to look at what other trauma treatments were out there for these vulnerable persons. After learning there wasn’t a one-stop-shop trauma treatment center, she quickly asked herself, “what if there was a place people could go, where many trauma treatments could be used, to help them feel better and heal with their specific trauma–one place, one center,” and Austin Trauma Therapy Center was born.

Diana understands the tremendous amount of pain that one endures with complex trauma and has made it her life long goal to help others feel better by providing them with a safe space and the necessary tools and skills people need to be thrivers of trauma, not simply a survivor of trauma. Diana identifies as a Therapist of color and is familiar with the generational impacts that people face within these marginalized and oppressed communities.

Therapeutic Work

Diana continues to provide therapy services to persons struggling with symptoms of PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, Attachment Disorders, Grief and Loss, Complex Trauma, Mood Disorders and Anger Management. Diana is also a DJ and tends to incorporate Art and Music into her therapeutic approach. Diana has extensive experience in working with complex trauma, adolescents on the Autism spectrum and those diagnosed with Intellectual Disabilities.

Diana’s approach to Trauma

Diana’s approach is solution-focused, and person-centered. She incorporates Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, insight-oriented meditation modalities, self-compassion, and various forms of expressive/movement based therapies to help you develop the skills necessary to tolerate difficult emotions and situations in the present moment.

More about Diana

Having grown up in a marginalized community and toxic environment, Diana understands people often struggle with utilizing unhealthy, adaptive coping skills to address symptoms of depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders, and has made it her goal to help others. She can assist you with identifying strategies that will work for you to identify and modify thinking, behaviors, and actions that no longer serve you. She has a passion for helping clients heal, by incorporating new skills to move past self-defeating patterns. She also believes that everyone has the capacity to make positive changes and heal. She says “together, we can work through the barriers that may be preventing you from being the best person you can be and living your best life.”

Therapy really improved my life! It was so important for me to have a safe, compassionate place to heal. Having suffered from my own childhood trauma, and other traumatic experiences in my life, my healing would not have been possible, if not for psychotherapy.

-Diana Anzaldua
Owner/Founder of Austin Trauma Therapy Center